Reliable Automation Components and Services

LCS Products and Services:


L101 – Spartan

The Spartan is a non-invasive application that interfaces with plant-wide measuring devices – scales, temperature probes/controllers, level sensors, counters, flow meters, etc. – to collect data and display it in charts, Dynamic operator and managerial level reports. It enables operators to view real-time data, allowing for quick, preventive action or troubleshooting. The Spartan gives managers the tools to find areas where greater production efficiencies can be made;

  • Collects and logs production data from scales / sensors
  • Multiple standard and custom charts
  • Includes Dynamic Operator and Production reports
  • Generates and emails Dynamic Managerial level Production reports
  • Utilizes local SQL or Cloud database
  • Tracks processes for high-resolution production data

L211 - Pericles Critical Monitoring

Critical systems too often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list...until something bad happens. Then, it's all hands on deck. The Pericles Critical Monitoring System will do the prioritizing for you, raising alert levels as necessary - working diligently in the background to prevent catastrophes, yet doing it quietly so as to not become a nuisance.

Whether you monitor bearing or furnace temperatures, pressures, vacuum, speed, or any other critical variable, Pericles can help reduce risk of catastrophic failure, personnel safety and extended unplanned downtime.

  • Monitor analog variables - Temperature, Pressure, Velocity, Force, etc..
  • Includes upper/lower boundaries, deadband
  • Enable, disable or shelve alarms, warnings
  • Monitor digital alarms - plug sensor, over-extended limit, etc..
  • Includes charting for every monitored device
  • User Authentication, Roles and Security levels

L203 – Blending

Blending is one of the most common duties an Industrial Process Control System performs. When a blending task is controlled by the L203, operators can attend to other pressing duties knowing an accurate, consistent blend will be achieved. The L203 can handle multiple input types – gravimetric, volumetric, ratio, continuous or batched. All data is logged for regulatory and recipe compliance. A unique Audit tool allows managers to troubleshoot discrepancies in blending outcomes, pinpointing trouble at the operator, equipment or raw-product level. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ability to handle various input types and quantities
  • Quick reaction time to changes in product flow
  • Auditing – logs every action, to/from operators and equipment
  • Customized reports can be given to your customers, verifying blend accuracy
  • Unlimited blend recipes

SFC-2.0 – Energy Maximizer

The SFC-2.0 is a unique, stand-alone micro-controller that can potentially save a manufacturer thousands of dollars in energy usage every year. This dedicated system will maximize the filling of bins, silos, storage units, etc., and reduce the run-time of all equipment involved in the filling process.

By automatically starting the filling equipment and optimizing its fill speed, the SFC-2.0 will use high- and low-level inputs, along with Machine Learning based algorithms, to optimize the filling process with the ultimate goal of reducing overall run times and cycle counts.

  • Operates in Automatic or manual modes
  • Runs autonomously. I.e.- no oversight necessary
  • Drastically reduces run time and on/off cycle count
  • Reduces machine wear-and-tear, reducing maintenance and downtime
  • Small footprint
  • Can be integrated into larger plant-wide control system


Automation Control System Support Services

Integration Services

  • Design Plant Automation System Architecture
  • Develop SCADA implementation plan
  • Upgrade existing SCADA and machine controls
  • Data collection for dynamic regulatory and managerial reports
  • Device communications:
    • New to Legacy PLC communications
    • Merge incompatible protocols into one protocol
    • Comms. for collecting analog & weight data
  • Dynamic charts
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plans

Design Services

  • Panel Layout
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Wiring Schematics
  • Instrumentation & Equipment I/O list
  • Develop System Control Sequencing
  • Software Application
    • Logic application programming (utilizing IEC 61131 languages)
    • SCADA/HMI application development
    • VFD configuration

Fabrication Services

  • Develop control panel component specifications
  • Procure field devices
  • Panel Build (UL 508a specification and listing)
  • Control Panel Checkout
    • point-point wiring verification
    • power-up testing
    • hardware checkout and configuration
    • I/O point testing
    • Analog scaling

Commissioning Services

  • Control Device Checkout
  • Device Calibration
  • Control Loop Tuning
  • Software Application Functionality Verification
  • Customer Acceptance Testing