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Who We Are

Logic Control Systems has been in the automation business for over 20 years, focusing on detailed workmanship and high quality service. We offer turn-key solutions for new, and existing system upgrades and modifications. Our solutions utilize the most secure, fastest, industrial hardened controllers on the market, offering maximum flexibility and adaptation to each customer’s needs.

  • Real-time plant floor overview
  • Dynamic process charting and report generation
  • Basic to complex process and machine control
  • Auditing – Track all actions on your control system
  • Playback Feature – Review plant state up to two years back
  • Process measurement, weighing and data logging

Why We’re Trusted

In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford to waste valuable resources on extensive maintenance and inefficient operations. We take seriously our role in helping you find quality solutions for system modernization, then supporting your system for the long-term.

With almost a quarter century in the automation business, our experience and focus on high quality services and components separates us from the competition. We have the best line up of product manufacturers available, and bring a depth of experience that will be apparent in every stage of your project. This translates to greater efficiency, reduced downtime and lower costs for you. 

The Right Solution

Whether small or large, automation has the potential to play a significant role in any manufacturing or industrial business by streamlining processes, making production more efficient and potentially saving on costs. LCS has developed revolutionary systems that help optimize and maintain your operations, in a scalable and reliable way. We take the time to carefully assess your current system and needs, then provide you with a recommendation of your options to upgrade.

What Our Customers Say

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CONSIDERING AN UPGRADE? We’re happy to evaluate your current system and needs