Innovative Automation Systems Tailored to Your Needs

OEM’s | Food Production | Energy.

Logic Control Systems’ engineered automation services are designed to boost your company’s operational performance. Leveraging our accumulated experience from having been in business for over 25 years, we are able to bring greater value and performance to every customer project. Enabling manufacturers to finally wrap their minds around what is actually taking place on the plant floor, out in the field, and inside their complex production processes has opened the door to unforeseen efficiencies and profits for countless clients.

Automation systems of today and tomorrow don’t revolve around converting manually controlled machines to a PLC, or making lines of robots weld automobiles quicker, or humanoid robots performing neat tricks. These are useful in the correct context, but manufacturing processes and the continual business decisions that go along with them are more complex as a whole. Today, everybody needs a greater depth of knowledge as to what’s going on – from the production line operator to top-floor executives. Logic Control Systems designs client’s automation systems with this always in mind; solving existing issues, streamlining the flow of information, and bringing newly discovered data into the critical decision-making fold.



Since our inception Logic Control Systems has been a valuable resource for OEM’s that need control systems for their machinery either designed, built, programmed, or all the above. It is commonplace for an OEM to have us build their initial panels, then merge into building their own panels inhouse, while contracting with LCS to build the code for the PLC and HMI, along with any control or data-gathering related communications. Once the systems are proven, we hand over the source code, the OEM takes over periodic maintenance, and is alleviated from having to employ a staff of full-time programmers. This arrangement also relieves the OEM from having to deal with sometimes unwieldy design software issues and expense.

Food Processing and Production

The processing and production of food in today’s market can be ultra-competitive – and risky. Attention to detail, FDA and state regulations, and HACCP compliance is next to impossible without stringent record keeping. Tracking, labeling, record keeping and a multitude of other tasks at this level of required detail can only be efficiently achieved through a well-thought-out supervisory data collection system, one which interacts with your process on the deepest level. Producing high quality consumables isn’t only about controlling recipes, temperatures and other factors; it’s about operating with a holistic approach to achieving the highest standard of quality products. Logic Control Systems can help blend your need for a flexible process control system, with a seamless data collection system, giving you real-time reports for decision making and industry compliance.


The focus on the oil and gas sectors of the energy industry is not always due to the positive changes happening within the industry. Regardless of whether you are upstream, downstream, or anywhere in between, forward-thinking investments in infrastructure can yield substantial internal dividends. Help not only your bottom line, but the easing of public scrutiny by having modern, ultra-secure control technology in place. Logic Control Systems designs control architectures and builds systems that utilize this very type of equipment. Controlling plant and field devices and aggregating data from remote, disparate equipment; managing information on an internal cloud platform; integrating safety and optimizing process control systems to function decades into the future – this is all part of what Logic Control Systems does and can do for your company.